Standard Color and Line Weights in Cad

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In CAD systems, we use colors in order to show the line weights. Choosing a set of diversified colors is like selecting pen that has varied line breadth. Colors are then tied in layers in order to regulate the discernibility of the drawing elements.

There is no rule for the color system available. However, there are very few which has become more predominant as contrast to other colors. Conscripting organized very much good since many centuries in the pas times prior to CAD come into practice. It’s astonishing that the most usual system of color has its origins in a firm physical recruiting scheme. Several organizations have accepted the ISO/ DIN line weight color coding system that is more usually visualized in the recognition of the groups of pens used for drafting purpose.

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The line weight you set in model space is the default/worldwide line weight for that layer and anything on it (except if you've set an individual line's lineweight to an option that is other than "by layer" — don't do that...)

On the off chance that you change to a format and enter model space through the pro dissertation help viewport, you can utilize the second arrangement of sections in your layer property chief to set viewport supersedes, explicitly named so in light of the fact that they abrogate whatever the default/worldwide lineweight is for that layer. Along these lines, in the event that you return into model space and change the first lineweight, the viewport supersede will at present apply to whatever you set it to.